Client: Lake Geneva Public Library
Location: Lake Geneva, WI
Construction Cost: $750,000
Square Footage: 12,000 sf remodel
Project Roll: Principal in Charge
During the pandemic the library utilized a grant to provide safe spaces to meet. The newly created stained glass dividers pay respect to the architectural history of James Dresser's original design intent.  
The dividers allows for light and visual transparency to the lake while providing privacy and health safety for the user.  The stained glass pattern was derived from the recently raised Frank Lloyd Wright hotel in town.
The fireplace hearth in this historic building was reduced to accommodate seating and the old gas fireplace was replaced with a safer electric fireplace.  The collection was reduced which allowed for the shelving to be rotated to align views from the road through the building to the lake.  The books on the fireplace display the names of donors that supported this project.
Images copywrite FEH design

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