Sometimes suburbs develop and never establish a city center or any real nucleus.  This is the case with this Iowa suburb.  Our proposal to the city was for a 30 acre plot of land that would create a vibrant city center.  The city would be reconstructed with a public cultural center at the core, mixed use and senior living to the east with businesses and accommodations to the west.

Connectivity, culture and mixed use are huge factors in the success of a city center.  Working with the city we determined their current and future circulation routes to help create centralized nodes.  We also did an extensive demographic study to understand the communities current needs as well as what amenities would draw people to the city.


After enough preliminary research was completed a fly through was presented to the city to help them visualize what their community could be.


An early conceptual rending shows how the intersection could be activated with a public element, restaurants, shops, businesses and lofts.

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