One of my favorite things about this building is how new modern style architecture ties into the historic style of the adjacent community.  This building was designed to be nestled into the historic fabric of the nearby downtown.  Merging the historic character with the clean lines of a modern building has a certain nostalgic appeal to me. 


The scenic atmosphere was amazing at this site located out in the county next to a well established winery.  Overlooking a pond and rolling hills the wedding party could enjoy the breathtaking views of the hillside or step inside to enjoy the music and dancing with the rustic character of the vintage barn.   In the lowest level, a private honeymoon suite allows for a getaway after the guests leave.


This 10 story building replaces surface parking in a newly revitalized downtown.  With 2 stories of offices, ground floor retail, 5 stories of hotel suites, and 2 stories of lofts, this building will help to ensure the downtown continues to thrive for years to come.


As banks strive to reach millennial's, the way banking was done years ago needs to be re-examined.  This bank concept provides a large green wall that acts as a beacon for their passion for sustainability.


I believe that great design should be attainable in all project types. This manufacturing building had a simple program that included a few offices with a large expanse of assembly areas.  The simple program allowed us to reduce the building down to what was important.  The simplicity in design is clear and decisive which allows the form to be instantly understood.

This concept design was designed for the client's storage/construction yard with a small office component.  The client wanted a cost effective building that had a prominent design presence.  The project was ultimately shelves for a future date.

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