Wanting to keep our design skills sharp, I assembled a multi-discipline group together to do a facade redesign competition.
The design concept was to create a living double facade system that increased air quality and provided an indoor oasis.  The organic ribs in the facade are abstractions of vines growing on a building.
Research has shown daylight and green space increases cognitive abilities and has a calming effect.  Since green space is so desirable in New York City and land is at a premium, adding green spaces into the building facade provides a calming get away in a very chaotic city environment.
By using the plants natural photosynthesis we can convert carbon dioxide produced by the inhabitants into fresh oxygen and increase the indoor air quality.  The fresh air is distributed through the building via ventilation shafts and stack effect.  Any excess heat is discharged through louvers out the top of the building.

The vegetated roof with a greenhouse allows occupants to have their own private outdoor park and grow organic foods all year round.

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